Al Grammel has been involved in the automotive industry since 1972, and has owned and operated performance automotive facilities for over 16 years. He has built many race winning engines as well as complete race cars. He has been involved in chassis design and fabrication for a variety of race vehicles, including Circle track, Drag race, Road course and Hill climb / off road trucks. He is a race engine machinist and builder of high performance street engines and marine engines.  He was  a Nascar engine  builder  and


track tuner for Winston cup and a Nascar mechanic for a Craftsman truck team. In addition Al has personally raced and owned Drag cars, Circle track cars, Road Racing course cars and Nascar. Al is a AAIA World Class Certified Technician, holding 38 ASE Certifications, Master Certified in Automobile, Heavy Truck, Gas Engine Machinist, Diesel Engine Machinist, Body and Paint, A1 and A2 Advanced level Engine Diagnostics.